Eparency SUPER DEEP Casting 2:1 Epoxy Resin

Eparency SUPER DEEP Casting 2:1 Epoxy Resin

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Please note that our resin is shipped from a different warehouse (based in VIC). You will receive your resin in a separate parcel to other items ordered from our website. Please also note that express shipping is not available on resin orders. If you select and pay for express shipping, only non-resin items (eg silicone moulds) will be posted via express. 
  • 2:1 Mixing ratio by volume
  • 100% Australian owned and Australian manufactured
  •  Up to 55mm pour depth iwhtout generating exothermic heat
  • Can withstand surface temperatures around 80-95oC (resisting marks from hot drinks ect)
  • Pot life: 3-4 hours (Data based on 500ml mixing; 40mm pour depth; 20 degree C room temperature). Please pour this product into mould as soon as possible, to avoid bubbling
  • Time to reach non-tacky: 15-25 hrs Depending on the room temperature (Data based on 500ml mixing; 40mm pour depth)
  • Time to reach full cure: 72 hrs (Data based on 500ml mixing; 40mm pour depth)
  • Viscosity: 600 cps for Part A (Brookfield 20 rpm) 250 cps for Part B (Brookfield 20 rpm)
  • Clarity: Pt-Co value < 10 for both Part A and Part B

Designed to cast between 25-55mm. Its NOT suitable for casting small pieces, coating or shallow pours under 20mm otherwise curing will be very slow. It is designed to cast large projects such as river tables in one pour up to 55mm. For large pyramids or similar to that size, can go up to 100mm in one pour.

 Directions for use : Mix resin and hardener in exactly 2:1 ratio by volume ( 2 parts A and 1 part B) Using a plastic or silicone container for mixing and mix thoroughly, scrape sides and bottom of container to fully integrate products. Please use a mixing container that is clean and free of contamination. Tiny contamination would deteriorate the quality of final result. Do not use metal, especially aluminium containers to mix or mixtures will turn milky colour. Once the product is poured into the mould, let the resin settle allowing air bubbles or foam to float to the surface, most bubbles will float to the surface and burst themselves. Any remaining bubbles or foam can be removed with a heat gun or Blow torch, sweep the heat gun continuously across the surface for a few seconds and avoid overheating in one spot .Curing would take 3 days plus.

CAUTION: Do not swallow. Keep away from Children. Use PPE when working with resin. Refer to the eparency website for Safety Data Sheet. 

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Orders are dispatched from Brisbane, Australia.

* Please note all epoxy resin is shipped from an alternative warehouse in Victoria and will arrive in a seperate parcel to other items.

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