Castmonite (Jesmonite Alternative) -  Water-Based Non Toxic Acrylic Resin
Castmonite (Jesmonite Alternative) -  Water-Based Non Toxic Acrylic Resin
Castmonite (Jesmonite Alternative) -  Water-Based Non Toxic Acrylic Resin

Castmonite (Jesmonite Alternative) - Water-Based Non Toxic Acrylic Resin

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Castmonite is an eco friendly, water based casting compound that comes in two components - a mineral powder and a water based acrylic binder. Mixing ratio 2.5:1 (e.g. 2.5kg powder mix with 1kg liquid)

  • Water resistant 
  • Fast demould
  • Excellent bubble release
  • Made from natural raw materials with a water based acrylic polymer base
  • 100% Non toxic, solvent free, zero VOC
  • Strong, durable, fire resistant, impact resistant
  • Captures the fine detail in casting
  • Minimal sanding needed
  • Pigment-friendly, works best with oxide pigments.
  • Smooth results all over
  • Environmental friendly
  • Non flammable, suitable for candle makers
  • Kind to your health and the environment. Can be made indoors with no ventilation
  • Easy to use, perfect for decorative cast objects, mould cases, coasters, platters, vases, planters, soap dishes, etc.

Mixing & Application
Mix ratio by weight : 2.5 parts Castmonite Powder to 1 part Castmonite Liquid acrylic.(e.g. 200g powder with 80g liquid) Add powder to liquid and mix both parts until a lump-free uniform consistency is achieved. Mixing thoroughly is the key for a smooth silky finish, ensure that the sides and bottom are scraped and incorporated into the mixture. Mixing can either be by hand with stick, spatula or similar, or with an electronic mixer. Add colour pigments to the mixture as needed. Immediately pour into the mould and agitate to level the mixture and clear trapped air bubbles. If it thickens rapidly whilst pouring, simply stir again and it will return to its original state. Allow mixture to harden in 10-30 mins. Demould in a couple of hours is recommended, extra care needs to be taken when demoulding product within an hour as product can be fragile within this time frame. 7 days to reach maximum strength.


Note: Castmonite product is designed for single pour only. The mixture will start to thicken immediately after stop mixing. Pour immediately into the mould for best result. For multiple pours, you would need to use Castmonite Slowing Agent to extend the pot life. Take extra care when demoulding product within an hour. Product can be fragile within this timeframe.


Product Characterization:

  • Pot life: 30 seconds (not suitable for multiple pours)
  • Viscosity(immediately after mixing with 2.5:1 ratio): 450,000 cps on 30 rpm
  • Mixture Colour: slight grey
  • Specific Gravity: 1.5-1.8
  • Elongation at break: 1.2% (7 days after cure)
  • Compression Strength: 21MPa (7 days after cure)

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