Resin Beginner Kit

Starter Kits on Sale Now!

Our starter kits contain everything you require to get started working with resin including detailed instructions. We've temporarily discounted our starter kits to help you begin the new year with some creativity.

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      Resin art is a type of art that involves the use of resin, a clear, synthetic, and typically glossy or semi-glossy substance, as the medium or support for the creation of a work of art. We've created a full beginners guide you can checkout here: Complete Resin Beginners Guide

      We include 750ml of resin in our starter kits which allows for multiple attempts at pouring. The amount of items you can create varies based on the size of the mould you have selected. View the individual product page for more details.

      Once opened, the resin and hardener components of the kit should be stored in a cool, dry place. It is important to keep the resin and hardener separate until ready to use, as the curing process will begin once the two components are mixed together.

      Yes! Epoxy resin can be tinted or colored using pigments or dyes this is half of the fun!

      We include detailed instructions with each of our starter kits so you will have all of the information required to get started making your own art pieces.