The Secret to a Perfectly Smooth Resin Finish: 14 Expert Tips

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Start with a clean, dust-free workspace

Any dirt or debris can mark the surface of your resin.

Use a heat gun to remove air bubbles

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This helps to create a smooth, even finish on your resin.

Consider using a silicone spreader

This can help prevent drips and create a smoother surface, while evenly distributing the resin. This technique is used when completing a clear top coat on a resin piece.

Don't be afraid to use multiple layers of resin

Building up thin layers allows for better control particularly when pouring into a deep silicone mould.

Experiment with different pouring techniques

pouring resin

Find what works best for you. You could try pouring multiple colours at once using a split silicone cup

Allow the resin to fully cure

Before de-moulding! If the resin is still tacky, it will be difficult to achieve a smooth finish.

resin coasters

Use the correct ratios

Make sure you follow the instructions carefully on your resin container and pour the correct ratio of resin (Part A) to hardener (Part B). Incorrect ratios will result in tacky resin! 

Mix your resin thoroughly

Don't be afraid to start over. Resin can be sanded down and refinished.

Make sure the resin is fully cured

Before applying any decals or stickers, as they may not adhere properly to a tacky surface.

Use a resin-safe release agent

Such as a silicone spray, to help prevent sticking when working with molds. This also helps preseve your silicone mould to last longer!

Make sure the mold is clean and dry

Before pouring resin. Any moisture or dirt can affect the finish of the resin.

Use a level work bench

pouring resin on a workbench

Before pouring resin. This will prevent resin from curing unevenly in your silicone mould, or from sliding off the top off your canvas. 

Don't be afraid to practice and experiment

Find what works best for you. Each artist has their own techniques and preferences.

Above all, have fun and enjoy the creative process!

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