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Brisbane is not just a hub for resin enthusiasts; it's a breeding ground for creativity and innovation in the world of resin art!

Online Resin Supplies

Navigating the world of resin art supplies can be daunting. The demand for top-notch epoxy resin supplies is ever-increasing, especially among Australian artists who strive to create unique, eye-catching pieces. The great news is that Starchild Designs meets these demands with a vast array of products available online.

The importance of quality resin supplies is something I understand intimately. It's not just about having the best resins; it's about having all the necessary accessories to ensure the success of your project. Whether it's coasters or necklaces, your options are limitless. With Starchild Designs' comprehensive online selection, you can elevate your projects to unprecedented levels, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned artist.

Online stores have revolutionized the resin art landscape. No matter if you're in Perth, Brisbane, or Adelaide, prompt delivery and supportive customer service are standard. Quality and efficiency are the cornerstones of Starchild Designs' online presence.

Dive into the world of online resin art supplies with Starchild Designs and let your creativity lead the way. The ideal online store is one that not only makes shopping effortless but also ensures that artists of every skill level can enhance their resin projects seamlessly.

Embrace the ease of online shopping for resin supplies with Starchild Designs, and infuse each creation with confidence and creativity. The goal is to support artists throughout their creative journey, offering assistance at every step.

The days of limiting your artistic endeavors due to a lack of materials or guidance are over. Expand your horizons, explore the abundance of supplies online, and craft stunning resin art that truly stands out. With Starchild Designs as your supplier, your artistic journey extends beyond mere supply purchases, becoming a hallmark of your craft.

Resin & Pigment Supply In the dynamic realm of resin art, having the right supplies can make all the difference. It's crucial to choose a supplier that is dedicated to offering high-quality products. That's where Starchild Designs shines.

Epoxy Resin Supplies

Starchild Designs boasts an extensive selection of epoxy resin supplies, catering to both the experienced artist and those embarking on their creative journey. You'll discover a thoughtfully curated collection designed to meet the diverse needs and aspirations of resin art crafters. It's more than just selling supplies – it's about providing everything artists need to realize their creative visions.

Vibrant Pigment Pastes and Powders Within these offerings, you'll find vibrant pigment pastes and powders. These hues are specifically chosen to add stunning depth and dimension to your pieces. By choosing these, you unlock a world of creative possibilities, elevating any resin art project from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Polymer Clay Selection And it doesn't stop there. For those looking for something uniquely special, Starchild Designs offers an impressive selection of polymer clay. These materials add intricate details that lift your creations to a whole new level.

Glass Glitters for Sparkle and Glamour If your project needs a dash of sparkle and glamour, look no further than Starchild Designs' exquisite collection of glass glitters. These glitters shine under any light, captivating both creators and admirers alike, adding an extra layer of enchantment to the mesmerizing journey of resin art crafting.

In essence, access to the right supplies and resources is transformative in the world of resin artwork. It opens up endless opportunities for creativity and innovation, allowing artists to imbue their creations with life like never before. This not only enriches the artistic community but also propels resin art to new heights. The realms of possibility unfold when these resources are at your fingertips, embodying the very essence of creativity.

Mica Pigment Powder - Pigment for Epoxy Among the plethora of materials available, Mica Powder Pigments are a standout choice for colouring epoxy resin. These pigments, when paired with transparent topcoats like shellac, wax, clear epoxies, and glazes, create mesmerizing river furniture projects with vibrant hues.

Choosing the right ingredients is paramount for an impressive final product. Mica powder pigments are a remarkable, non-toxic additive that infuse your artwork with rich, shimmering colours. Their consistency, similar to fine glitter, is perfect for achieving a metallic or pearlescent effect.

Epoxy Resins

Resin pigments

A Foundation for Mica Pigments Starchild Designs' selection of epoxy resins elevates your next project to new heights. All the resins are FDA approved and crystal clear, creating the perfect canvas for the sparkling mica pigments. These resins contain anti-yellowing additives, ensuring your projects maintain their vibrant colours for longer.

For a user-friendly option, consider Epoxyglass. This 2-part epoxy coating resin has a straightforward 1:1 mix ratio, making it accessible for newcomers to resin art. If you're casting small to medium-sized items like jewellery or knife handles, Epoxycast is your go-to.

For larger projects, Ultrapour and Megapour Deep Cast are ideal. Ultrapour is perfect for medium to large pieces or mass casts, ideal for crafting stylish homewares or encapsulating flowers. For grand projects like large river tables or sculptures, Megapour Deep Cast is the best choice.

Shop Online Mica Pigments

More than 50 Pigments Starchild Designs stands as the premier choice for resin art materials in Brisbane. Their Mica Powder Pigments collection allows you to elevate your epoxy resin projects to a new level of beauty. The pigments are ideal for crafting captivating river furniture designs. Moreover, their FDA-approved, anti-yellowing epoxy resins offer solutions for any project size and type. For quality, reliability, and a broad range of options, Starchild Designs is unmatched.

But it's not just about having the right materials; it's also about mastering their use. And that's where Starchild Designs excels, offering the expertise to make your resin art projects truly shine. So, why wait? Begin your resin art journey with Starchild Designs today!

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